Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is having money, or running after money, happiness

Is having money, or running after money, happiness

I don’t know because I never really had a huge amount of money.  Well I take that back, when I was in the Marines and I re-enlisted the first and second time I got a whopping bonus.

I have to tell you, I have had a bunch of cash in the bank and there are other times when I had negative cash in the bank.  I owed the bank!

I am happier when I have cash I have to tell you.  You need money basically to do anything.  Cash puts gas in the tank.  Cash pays for that movie.  Cash gets you a nice big ole pizza and a pitcher of beer!

On the flip side, chasing after cash isn’t so much fun.  Not being able to put gas in your tank or pay the car payment is not fun. 

In the bible, (I’m not the religious type) but I do know that it says to not make anything your idol.  It also says that the LOVE of money is evil. 

It doesn’t say that money is evil.  The love of it.  I see money as a tool.  I also see it as something that can be made into an idol. 

I guess if I dig ditches for a living, that I should obsess about a shovel.

I guess that if I stock vending machines for a living (which I did at one point) I should obsess about snacks!

It’s ridiculous, but I find myself sometimes constantly thinking, worrying, and fussing about cash. 

That isn’t happiness.

Constantly working for it isn’t happiness either.

I think happiness is finding that one thing that you love to do and becoming successful at that.  The money will come.  (or so I hear)

I will be completely honest.  I am not in an ideal financial situation right now (as I’m sure many of you reading this, if you are still reading, aren’t either).

One thing I do know is that I will never stop until I am in and ideal situation financially.  At the same time, I will allow myself to be happy in the meanwhile and not let anything become that dominating force in my life.

The goal is happiness and the continual pursuit of..

-Robert Fraser-