Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How not to lift weights after a layoff

I could sit here and explain the proper way to come back into lifting weights after a layoff but the funny thing is that I never actually follow my own advice!

So I can honestly tell you how NOT to lift weights after a layoff!

Start back at the same weights you were lifting before.

Let your ego get in the way and out lift the ‘other guy’

Don’t stretch and just do one warm up set before you get started.

With those three tips, you should be just fine!

Ok really do not do what I highlighted above but I can’t really say that I will not ever do those things again so..

Either which way, one does not become a huge monster overnight.

Just like with an online business, one does not become magically successful overnight!  It’s takes a lifetime of working on it!

Speaking of which it pays to stay consistent!!  You don’t get big by lifting for 4 hours on one day.  You get big by lifting a little systematically over a sustained period of time.

Just like my blogging efforts.  I am really starting to get traction with my blogging.  I have written about 600+ blog posts so far between here and my Empower Network blog.

Also I been getting a lot more leads from that banner at the top of this post.  Just in the past 24 hours I have got 6 leads!!

It takes work, but it is worth it!  It is actually easy.  If you want to make money online, then join something like this, and simply start a free google blog and start sharing your success!

To our success!

-Robert Fraser-