Thursday, August 15, 2013

Everyone is a bunch of liars online

Again let me repeat that!!  Everyone is a bunch of liars online.  Every time I turn around there is one person saying you should do ABC strategy and that XYZ strategy is wrong.  Then the next guy highly recommends XYZ strategy and that ABC is wrong.

Essentially everyone just wants you to get in their deal and join their program.  So how does one navigate through all the pushing and pulling and effectively promote their own business?

I really don’t know as I’m learning that one myself.

What I do see working is paid traffic.  I have been highly successful with Facebook PPC, this blog (which is free traffic), and THIS CAPTURE PAGE (which I have generated over 100 leads so far).

So, if you get to a place where you are generating 1-3 leads consistently every day, then I would recommend just keep doing that.  Still keep an eye out for good marketing information and products but just keep on keeping on!

-Robert Fraser-