Saturday, August 17, 2013

You get leads by blogging! Get Weekly Paychecks co op

Let me repeat that!!  You get leads by blogging!  

There are so many systems out there that say you need to buy this or that to get leads.  You can get your own free leads by blogging! 

I bought a couple shares in the Get Weekly Paychecks co op and according to the tracking, I have got more leads from the banner at the top of this blog posts than from the co op!  

The co op was $50 a share and I'm getting leads from this free blog instead of from the co op shares.  I bought 2 of them and again through tracking my links, I have found that this very same blog is bringing in leads vice the shares I paid for!!

Below are some pics taken from my back office today!

that was from the campaign.  The august 12 co op you see got me 6 views and no leads.  the blog got me 2 views and 2 leads.  hmm.  I think I will just save my money and just blog more!!

As you see on the right of the screen a lot more activity from the 10th to the 11th.  I really started cranking out blog posts on the 1-9 of August 2013 and you can see the big spike.  The co op started on the 16th. 

So again you get leads from blogging!

-Robert Fraser-

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