Sunday, March 23, 2014

Rob’s Reading Project

So I finally made a concrete decision to step up my reading.

I have been getting a little angry about my progress in different areas of my life and business.  I know that when I read, I feel better, my thinking is stimulated, and it just helps me calm down.

So I’m going to essentially give my marketing a break, in the fact that I’m doing it directly, and simply blog about my results that I’m getting in my life through my reading.

I will still be indirectly marketing as you can see the various banners and links through out this post.

My plan is to read from

The Law of Success in 16 Lessons by Napoleon Hill 20 pages daily
How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie 1 lesson daily

Once per Week
Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale 50 pages daily/
Power Persuasion by David R. Barron, Danek S. Kaus 50 pages daily

Any other self help book I feel so inclined to read.  I am going to divide up the number of pages per 6 days and read Mon-Sat and pick a very short book to read on Sun in addition to everything else.

Amid marketing and my homework for school, I should be very busy and have no time for my own complaining about my lack of results.  

It’s also my plan to literally saturate my thinking to change my results and will definitely keep you posted.

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Rob Fraser

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