Saturday, June 14, 2014

3 quick tips on getting your YouTube videos ranked higher

3 quick tips on getting your YouTube videos ranked higher

You probably already know that YouTube is very powerful when it comes to branding, marketing, and advertising. CLICK TO TWEET

You also probably know how important it is to rank your videos higher amid the masses or else you wouldn’t read every word on this post right?

I have applied these tips and some videos rank very quickly and some rank slower depending on the amount of competition.

So let’s get to it.

Answer specific questions

In your videos be real specific.  This can be considered going after “low hanging fruit” when it comes to keywords.  This strategy won’t bring you the massive searches but it will bring you the most targeted leads.  Think of questions someone who needs your business, product, or service needs and answer them.

For example:

‘How to make money blogging’ ‘How to get leads through blogging’ ‘How to etc etc etc whatever applies to your business goes here’

Content is still king on videos

In the about section, write at least 200 words about your video.  Some people actually transpose their video and put in the about section.  Either way if you have at least 200 words of ORIGINAL content then this does wonders to boosting your video and DON’T just fill it full of keywords. 

Put some thought into it and just write down what your video is about and generally that will definitely help.

Social Interaction

This maybe one of the most important tips to pay attention too!  Comments left by people shows YouTube and Google that your video must be important based on all the feedback.  In each of your videos, include a call to action for people to LIKE, COMMENT, AND SHARE your video.  The more likes, comments, and shares the higher it will get ranked. 
Start applying these 3 tips to every one of your YouTube videos consistently and you will soon start to see better results in your video marketing efforts!

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Rob Fraser

I hope you got some value out of this post.  I have learned most of these lessons the hard way as no one really tells you the proper way to run and market a home business.

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