Friday, June 6, 2014

Just take baby steps in your online business

Sometimes you have to take a step back, slow down, and focus on the basics to move even faster.  TWEET THIS!!

I will say that again sometimes you need to take a step back, slow down, and focus on the basics to move forward faster.

As you continue to read this blog post I want you to think about the daily actions you are taking in your business right now.  Think about the results you have got so far doing what it is you are doing.  Really try to focus on what activities are, or were, bringing you to most results compared to everything else you maybe doing.

For myself, I was getting overwhelmed trying to build my network on Linked in and Facebook, shooting Youtube videos, and blogging all the while trying to study SEO and still Go for 20 no’s a day.

Some, if not most, of what I was doing wasn’t really my style.  So I just decided to slow down and concentrate on one thing at a time.  In the past I have sponsored 65+ people in a previous opportunity just by blogging.  I wasn’t doing Youtube, posting ads, connecting and showing the plan.  I was just power blogging.

Plain and simple.  Here on Google’s Blogger platform you can post banner ads, track your stats, and basically do a lot of cool stuff but at the end of the day with this free blogging platform you can build your business online through blogging.  Sharing your thoughts with the world and then pointing to a capture page like this one, and you have the potential to make money.

So if you are doing 1,000 different things, I challenge you to slow down and just do one thing and track your daily results.  Over time the compound effect will kick in and multiply your results exponentially.  Just apply sheer consistency and persistence and nothing will ever get in your way.

Just like a drop of water can eventually wear away the hardest stone!  Just like Thomas Edison successfully finding 10,000 ways the incandescent light bulb would not work.  Imagine if you had 10,000 400+ word original blog posts representing you and your business to the internet.

Blogging works regardless of your business, industry, profession, and each blog posts becomes an online piece of virtual real estate which points back to your brand.  The more you produce, the more content you have working for you 24/7.  The more content you have, the better.  Eventually you will get to a point to where you don’t have to produce that much but by that time, writing blog posts will become so ingrained in you that you won’t want to. 

Once the money starts trickling in, it’s hard to stop it.  In this program here, I still make money from blog posts I have written over 1 year ago and now in keeping with the back to basics, I’m going to write over 10,000 blog posts all pointing here.

I’m not going to focus on SEO.  I’m just going to type whatever I feel inspired to write.  I’m going to write at least 1 400 word original blog post per day and I will keep you informed of my progress!  (Because you do wanna know don’t ya? Lol)

I’m looking for people who would like to create the same thing for themselves.  If you are a busy professional, busy housewife, or just have a busy life but you still want to make more money then click here and get started with me. 

Once you go to this page and watch this video you will get an email from me.  I encourage you to email me back with your subject line saying “I’m ready to get started” and I’ll be in touch real soon!

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Rob Fraser
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