Sunday, July 13, 2014

Discover how ATTENTION gets you MORE MONEY

You want more money in your business, as we all do right?

As you probably already know that more attention for your business gets you more money but how do you GET ATTENTION.  When you read this blog post in it’s entirety you will have a basic understanding on how to get more attention for your business.

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The number one is you have to solve a problem.  Well Duh!!! Right?

You will always get attention when you provide a solution to a problem.  Let me take that a step further, solve a specific problem.  Answer a specific question and you get a more targeted response.  Does this make sense?

The reason you are glued to my words is because you know that I’m right and I’m speaking directly to you. 

When you look at social media, blogs, etc and really start to pay attention to the marketing, banner ads, the words being used, you will start to see patterns.  You will start to distinguish between what’s working and what’s not.  You will even get to a place where you will know, just based on your observations, whether that site is making any money or not.

Just something to think about so go out there and get some attention!

Rob Fraser