Saturday, July 12, 2014

Don’t make my mistakes Track your Stats to stay positive

In the past I hardly kept track of my stats in any of my marketing campaigns.  Every since I started tracking my stats, I have a much better picture about which of my marketing is working and most importantly what is not working.

Everything I do now is tracked.  I know how many leads I get from my Youtube videos, blog posts, traffic exchanges, solo ads, and even from comments left of other people’s blog posts and sometimes videos. 

Leaving comments on blog posts and videos helps everyone! CLICK TO TWEET

I know understand that on average I get a 10% opt in rate for ANY website.  It really doesn’t matter which capture page I use but I do know that capture pages with just the email box work far better than ones with the email, name, and phone number box!

I also have calculated that it takes about 100 (give or take 20-30) leads to bring in a new business partner.  Every time I bring in a new business partner I earn at least an extra $125 in residual income.  So I think about it like this..

Every time I get one new lead from my capture page I “earn” $1.25 because by the time I generate 100 that’s a new business partner!

If I never kept track of my numbers then after a while it’s very easy to get discouraged.  The more I started to pay attention to my numbers the more scientific it started to become.  It’s actually easy now. 

I have figured out that when I am able to get 1000 unique view to my website everyday, I will be earning $125 per day.  1000 unique views X 10% opt in rate = 100 leads per day.  100 leads per day = 1 person becoming my new business partner!

It’s my goal to help as many people as I can on the internet and within my home town of Oceanside CA.  I work from home in Oceanside CA and it took a little bit of work but I succeeded in finally making some weekly money and it would be my pleasure to help you discover how to start earning online scientifically yourself.

As you can probably see not tracking your stats will discourage you because you won’t know what’s working, what’s not working, and what you should do more of.  I was shooting a lot of YouTube videos but in the beginning they were doing anything.  I spent most of my time shooting videos but my blog posts were actually performing better.

Once I learned that, I changed for a more balanced approach.  NOW my Youtube channel is getting bigger but I try to write and speak (video) every day and my blog and Youtube channel are starting to get traction.

Long story short, track your stuff and it will keep you motivation and moving forward!

Rob Fraser