Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Discover how ListJoe will build 4 Corners Alliance Group

Discover how ListJoe will build 4 Corners Alliance Group

In this short post, I’m going to explain how ListJoe will help you build your 4 Corners Alliance Group business.  You are on this post because you are in 4 Corners or you happened upon this post because you are doing your due diligence on this amazing company.  This post is not going to discuss 4 Corners Alliance Group in detail, but rather am going to talk about what ListJoe is, how to use it, and my results using it to build my business.

What is ListJoe

ListJoe is a safelist where members join for the ability to send a solo ad to a certain amount of active members.  You can consider ListJoe a safelist or a solo ad service.  The people who are on ListJoe are home business owners who are actively promoting their business so keep this in mind.

I would market tools, affiliate offers, and other traffic sources to ListJoe instead of my personal business.  Instead of pitching and counter pitching, would rather make commissions off of affiliate products.  To see an example of what I use check out this.

I also promote 4 Corners Alliance Group because it’s a one time investment of $18 and any smart internet and network marketer would greatly benefit from getting a position.  Financial education is key!

“Poor people look for jobs and rich people look for networks!” Robert Kiyosaki CLICK TO TWEET

How to use ListJoe

I use the free version of ListJoe although if you bookmark my blog and come back to it, I’m going to document my results paying for the upgraded service.  I would recommend just having an email address for your ListJoe account.  The reason is because you are going to get daily emails.

The idea is to open the emails and check out the websites.  Each website you check out via email will get you any where from 15-50 credits.  Each credit gets you 1 more person to send your weekly solo ad to.  The free level allows you to send your solo ad up to 1,000 people once per week.

What I do is login to my ListJoe email everyday and click on 10 emails which takes about 5 minutes.  This gives me my credits up to 1,000.  Every Monday I login to ListJoe and send out my solo ad.  Again I get so email 1,000 active ListJoe users and usually always get 20 clicks and 5 leads.

Not bad for a few minutes of work each week and this is only one traffic source that doesn’t take a lot of time to work! 

My results with ListJoe

My numbers are a steady and solid 5 leads per week.  I send out my solo ad to 1,000 members and usually always get around 20 clicks.  From those 20 clicks, I usually always average 5 leads.  This is done every week and it takes only a few minutes to do.

As with anything it takes consistent and persistent action.  Don’t join ListJoe and expect to make lots of money on your first solo ad.  This is a service that works best over time with consistent results.  Check out ListJoe here and see for yourself what it can do for your business.

Rob Fraser