Thursday, October 16, 2014

Discover what 4 Corners Alliance Group Online Marketing System to use

Discover what 4 Corners Alliance Group Online Marketing System to use

In this post, I’m going to talk about the 4 Corner Alliance Group Marketing System that I use, why I picked it, and talk a little about my daily marketing plan.  Whether you are here because you are in 4 Corners and are looking for a high converting marketing system to use or just doing research, this blog post will help you determine a way to market this amazing business online.

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Starting off I use two marketing systems for 4 Corners Alliance Group.  There are specific reasons why I use 2 and I will get to those reasons in a few.

The first marketing system I use for 4 Corners is the Power Lead System.  You can see the actual funnel (the same website I use) here and you can get more info on the Power Lead System here.

Now don’t confuse the two!  The Power Lead System can be considered another business but in this case it is not.  There is a gentleman named Frank Calabro Jr who is on the leaderboard after 2 weeks of promoting the 4 Corners Alliance Group opportunity. 

This can be verified by logging into the back office and looking at the leaderboard if you are a member.  If you aren’t a member, this can be verified when you decide to take action and join the 4 Corners Alliance Group and login to your back office.

With all that being said, Frank uses the Power Lead System to create multiple sales funnels and in fact you can see another one in a few minutes when I talk about the only paid traffic source Frank uses.

The Power Lead System allows team members to copy a share code and after only two clicks, you can have the exact marketing system, websites, sales pages, and etc that Frank uses. 

One think I have learned when it comes to online marketing is that you should only listen to people who are successful.  Frank is on the leader board and has given us the same exact system he uses to sponsor over 250 people into 4 Corners only after about 2 weeks!

There is also a full blown step by step training site as well and if you do make a decision and take action, I will ensure you get access to the site.

How to market the 4 Corners Alliance Group online

This can be a very long portion however, Frank Calabro Jr. who sponsored 250 people (as of the writing of this post) only uses one paid traffic source.  Now this paid traffic source also offers you cash back on your marketing dollars.

So how this gets extremely powerful is say you join the 4 Corners Alliance Group and you get your marketing system all set up.  Then you also get involved in our 4 Corners Alliance Group co op and buy your first credit pack for $49.99, so say $50.  

You now have $50 working for you on auto pilot.  Not to mention for every $50 credit pack you buy, you will earn $60 back on our co op revenue sharing portion.  

Now I know this is a lot of explaining for one blog post so I am going to have to break this up but imagine when you teach one person to do the same after you sign up a team member.  That person joins the co op and you now have $100 working for you.  They sponsor someone and you now have $150 working for you.

The more money you have working for you the better.  To see our traffic source (which can be its own business) click here.  Also again this is a funnel created by Frank Calabro using the Power Lead System!  See the Power Lead System here!

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P.S. Check back tomorrow and I will explain how else I market 4 Corners Alliance Group online