Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How to use ListJoe Free to get 5 leads per week

How to use ListJoe Free to get 5 leads per week

In this short blog post, I’m going to teach you how I have been using ListJoe free to get 5 leads per week.  Now I know 5 leads per week may not be a lot but again I am using the free version and this whole process takes maybe 10 minutes total.  So 10 minutes for a steady 5 leads every week doesn’t sound bad to me!

This is an easy way to start getting people to opt into you capture page and start collecting leads on a weekly basis.  Remember that people on ListJoe are home business owners and the best thing to market to them could be tools, products, or services that you are using to get results in your business and not necessarily your business.  To see an example click here!

Could you use an extra 5 leads per week?

Sure, we all could so check it out!

ListJoe is I guess you can say a solo ad or a safe list.  Every week, again at the free level, you can login and send out your solo ad to 1,000 other active ListJoe users.  As you probably already know marketing is a numbers game would you agree?

Every single week my numbers have been steady at 1,000 solo ads sent, 20 clicks, and 5 leads.  This occurs every week and again I’m stressing as this is the free level.  I could put in money for more credits, however with this blog am going to discuss free traffic methods anyone who is marketing anything can use!

How does ListJoe work?

Essentially, you join ListJoe and I recommend using another email other than your primary one for this.  You join with an email that you only are going to use with ListJoe. 

So you get signed up and everyday you will get emails from other ListJoe members, hopefully to the email set aside just for ListJoe, and you will get anywhere from 15-50 credits for opening the emails and clicking on the website.  You will see a countdown in the upper portion of the website.

You stay on each website for about 10 seconds and you will see “50 credits have been added to your account.”  That means you can send your solo ad to 50 people.  The more websites you check out the more credits you get, however at the free level you have a maximum of 1,000 per week.

How to work ListJoe?

What I do is login to my ListJoe email every day and click on 10-20 emails and logout.  Every Monday I login to ListJoe and send out my solo ad because I have over 1,000 credits.  Every Monday I hit 1,000 other active ListJoe member’s email inbox, receive 20 hits, and 5 leads.

Now this number usually fluctuates but I have never got less than 3 leads from my weekly solo ad.  Again, I’m only in at the free level and this only takes me about 10 minutes per week!

If you want to get 5 leads per week like clockwork from a solid traffic source, then check out ListJoe here and get your first solo ad out today!

Rob Fraser

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