Friday, October 17, 2014

How to market 4 Corners Alliance Group online with AdHitProfits

How to market 4 Corners Alliance Group online with AdHitProfits

In this post, I’m going to explain a simple way to market 4 Corners Alliance Group online with AdHitProfits.  I’m going to talk about one of the marketing systems I use to promote the 4 Corners Alliance Group, describe AdHitProfits a little, and then explain a simple daily marketing plan I use that takes about 5 minutes everyday.

In my last post, I talked about what 4 Corners Alliance Group Online Marketing System to use, however the Power Lead System funnel I use can’t be used with AdHitProfits.  The capture page has what’s called a frame breaker and isn’t suitable for that traffic exchange.  On traffic exchanges your website has to be able to be looked at within a frame of the traffic exchange site and so I had to look for another marketing system.

I came across this marketing system for 4 Corners Alliance Group and you can see it in action by clicking here.  As you go through the funnel, you can see where you can pick up the marketing system for yourself.

What is AdHitProfits

AdHitProfits is a paid revenue sharing traffic exchange that also has a place where you can just buy traffic.  How it works in a nutshell is you can simply buy traffic from 2,500 clicks for $5 all the way up to 500,000 for $600.  There is also a traffic exchange where you can buy a listing for $10 and that gives you the ability to earn in the daily revenue sharing portion.

Now, the revenue sharing portion is strictly a bonus because AdHitProfits is meant to be used as a traffic source for your business.  AdHitProfits can be used as a business but I highly recommend using AdHits to build your own business. 

To see how to join AdHitProfits

How I market 4 Corners Alliance Group online using AdHitProfits

My daily marketing plan is simple.  I login and surf my daily sites to stay qualified to earn in the revenue sharing portion of AdHitProfits and every week I buy a certain amount of clicks.  I started out buying 2,500 clicks for $5 and as I bring new people in my business I use around 50% of my profits to grow my business by repurchasing traffic.

I just create a weekly advertising budget whether I earn or not from my stable income (GI bill, other marketing gigs) and that gives me the best results! 

My daily time spent on AdHitProfits is around 5-10 minutes.  The idea is to keep my traffic exchange revenue sharing good (which means surfing 25 ads for 5 seconds each every 24 hours) and every Friday or Saturday buy my clicks.  Just that simple.

As with anything it takes continuous and persistent action.  As long as you are getting clicks and leads everyday, you will start making sales sooner or later.  The idea then is to keep using a portion of your profits to buy more traffic and to keep scaling up your business. 

Some people say use 20% of your profits to buy advertising but that’s dependent on how much and how fast you want to grow your business.  I would recommend a more aggressive percentage as it’s as simple as the more people you get to see your website on a daily basis, the more money you will make!

Check out AdHitProfits and get your business found!

Rob Fraser