Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Advertising Pays Training

In this post, I’m going to go over some My Advertising Pays Training.  If you happened on this post and want more information about My Advertising Pays or are looking for a My Advertising Pays Review then click the aforementioned links.  If you want some My Advertising Pays Training then read on.  Also Google How to make money in My Advertising Pays when you are broke!

I’m writing this for the people who don’t have a lot of up front money to spend on advertising or a big marketing budget.  If you have a decent amount ($1,000 or greater) to invest on marketing and are not afraid to put that on advertising, then this post isn’t for you.  This post is for those who have been hustling and grinding and perhaps just don’t have a large budget to work with.

In this My Advertising Pays Training, I’m going to discuss how we are getting MAPS referrals (and why we need them). 

Most importantly, I’m going to talk about what offer we are sending our MAPS traffic to!  This is very important!  We don’t send our MAPS traffic to our own business links.  We give people solutions to their marketing problems. 

During the gold rush there were two types of people.  People looking for gold to which very few actually found it and got rich is the first type.  The second type consists of those people who sold picks, axes, shovels, and etc.  More people who sold tools got rich than actual people looking for gold!

First off how do you make money in My Advertising Pays when you are flat broke?  Well I will be honest here you have to find a way to purchase your first credit pack.  Whatever you have to do save up for it, sell something, just do something so you can get your first credit pack. 

After you get your first credit pack, then the rest is actually easy.  All you really have to do is to keep qualified to earn in the daily revenue sharing by surfing 10 ads every 24 hours. 

The below My Advertising Pays Training is in a nutshell what we do.

We promote My Advertising Pays with our standard funnel to outside traffic.  Outside traffic means traffic that isn’t within the MAPS traffic exchange.  On the traffic exchange we promote our Power Lead System funnel to MAPS members.  MAPS member want our Power Lead System funnel because that’s the very same funnel that Frank Calabro (one of the top earners in My Advertising Pays) uses himself.  He allows us to make copies of his capture pages, sales pages, and follow up email series which is all done through the Power Lead System.

It works hand in hand.  We give people what they want.  We have the traffic other marketers are looking for and we have the system My Advertising Pays members need to get more MAPS referrals.  It’s a win, win, win situation for all and therein is the essence of marketing.  We give people solutions to their marketing problems, get paid, and build our own businesses at the same time. 

Check out our customized My Advertising Pays funnel here.