Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Advertising Pays

In this post, I’m going to talk about My Advertising Pays, or MAPS for short.  I’m going to talk about what My Advertising Pays is, exactly how it works, and how you can make money with MAPS at the same time. 

Before I get too in depth with what My Advertising Pays is, I just want to share with you a little of who I am and my experience with making money from home.

In a nutshell..

My name is Rob Fraser from Oceanside California.  I spent 12 years in the Marines.  I got married, had two daughters, and divorced all before 30.  I since made the decision that I wouldn’t be so sacrificing of my time and find something that would allow me to earn money without trading time to do so.

I had a great time as a Marine.  I got deployed a couple times, served as a Drill Instructor, and when I got divorced just knew that I needed to find something different.

Hence my search online for things I can do to make money from home.  I wasted a lot of money on useless programs, products, and services.  I guess that’s part of the process because now I can look at a program and discern if it a good program to get involved with or not. 

I spent the last four years getting beat up and battered in the online world and am a stronger man because of it.  Now I understand what the essence of marketing really is and how money is made online.

The goal is to leverage the internet instead of your own personal time to make money.  For example, you could work 40 hours a week and leverage your job for money.  You could also write 40 blog posts and leverage those posts for money.  You would spend the initial time writing those 40 posts.  Those 40 posts stay online indefinitely working to make you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What does this have to do with My Advertising Pays?

So My Advertising Pays helps you leverage your marketing dollars to build your home business.  If you are in network, affiliate, or internet marketing, then My Advertising Pays can work for you.  You sell a product, ebook, service, or just want more subscribers to your email list, then My Advertising Pays can work for you.

What My Advertising Pays is

MAPS is a traffic exchange where you can get targeted visitors to your website.  These aren’t just targeted visitors but also a buyers list.  That means people on My Advertising Pays traffic exchange have already pulled out their credit card and bought advertising.

You want a buyers list because if people have bought something in the past regarding their online business, then they are more prone to do it again.  Wouldn’t you agree?

I understood this personally when I was posting ads on Backpage for a home business.  People searching on Backpage for business opportunities aren’t going to spend their money to join a business.  I generated about 600 leads over the past couple of years before I finally understood this. 

Where it shifted was when I joined IBOtoolbox and started marketing tools there.  People on IBOtoolbox are more serious about their business and are more inclined to spend money on their business.  Make sense so far?

It’s the exact same thing with My Advertising Pays.  MAPS is a traffic exchange where people can go to market any product, service, or business they want. 

How does My Advertising Pays work?

You join MAPS and purchase one credit pack for $49.99 (rest of post am rounding it up to $50).  You want that credit pack because that gets you 550 unique visits to your website of choice from people who already spent some money to build their business. 

To qualify in the daily revenue sharing portion you have to surf 10 ads every 24 hours on the traffic exchange.  The global total sales from the company are divided up amongst active members and paid out every 20 minutes. 
In a nutshell, you get targeted visitors to your website who already have spent money on their business and you make money in the revenue sharing portion by surfing ads.  Each credit pack you purchase for $50 will return $60.  At first I didn’t believe it however you will see how this works when you visit the link below.

Check out My Advertising Pays and get your business on the MAP!

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