Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Advertising Pays Review

My Advertising Pays recently has grown to over 70,000 members and 99% of its members are sticking around and making money.  My Advertising Pays, or MAPS is what's called a revenue sharing program.  I will stress that any money made within My Advertising Pays should be considered a bonus.  Thinking this way will ensure your time with MAPS is and stays a profitable one.

My Advertising Pays Review

I will try to lay everything out as plain as possible.  Also see My Advertising Pays to get more specific information on how I specifically use MAPS to market my business and make money.  Also if you do decide to join, I will ensure you get the same sales funnel that a 6 figure earner currently uses himself.  He (Frank Calabro) is a top earner in My Advertising Pays and has duplicated his marketing system so you can plug and play. 

My Advertising Pays Review on what it's all about

Driving traffic is the number one skill needed to make money online.  I don't care what your offer, business, product, or service is you need traffic.  What good is the greatest widget in the world if you can't tell anyone about it?  My Advertising Pays will enable you to get targeted traffic to your websites, products, services, or brands and also will pay you in the mean while. 

How it works is you can purchase credit packs for $49.99.  For the rest of this post will say $50 for ease.  Each credit pack gives you 550 unique visitors to any website, capture page, affilate offer, or anything else you want.  You buy a credit pack to get targeted home business buyers to your product, service, or business. 

You want buyers because these are people who have already spent their money to build their business.  there is a famous saying in marketing "people who bought a drill didn't want a drill, they wanted a hole."  Keep this in mind!

Each credit pack will also pay you back $60 for each $50 credit pack purchased.  There is no guaranteed rate of return however the extra visitors to your website can also potentially make you more money as well.  To qualify for the daily revenue sharing, you have to surf 10 ads every 24 hours to stay qualified.  At the end of this post will be a link to a presentation that covers this again in detail.

The Creator of My Advertising Pays or MAPS is Mike Deese who is an Air Force veteran.  His goal was to create a system for the members. 

How do you make money with My Advertising Pays?

Revenue sharing is a way you can make money with My Advertising Pays.  You purchase one credit pack and surf 10 sites every 24 hours.  This will allow you to participate in the revenue sharing portion.  Also using the traffic you get from the credit pack to direct to your website can potentially earn you income as well!  It takes about 5 minutes per day to surf the 10 sites and make sure your own personal ad is up and running. 

You can also earn commissions from people you refer to My Advertising Pays.  I know my group has a co op where everyone purchases traffic from MAPS and the whole team grows faster.

Remember earlier in this post where I quoted “people who bought a drill didn’t want a drill, they wanted a hole?”  Well that’s what we offer people inside of MAPS.  My Advertising Pays is also a “hole” to every network, affiliate, and internet marketer out there.  MAPS can be used by anyone who has a product, service, or business they want seen.  MAPS can also be customized per you audience for example, you can select to only receive members in the U.S. to view your advertisement and etc. 

For more details check out My Advertising Pays Training

To check out our actual My Advertising Pays marketing funnel (the same one that Frank C. uses who is ranked #5 in the company as of this date) see it in action at the link below!  This is how we sponsor and refer people to MAPS using only the internet!

Check out our My Advertising Pays funnel!