Thursday, December 25, 2014

4 Corners Alliance and My Advertising Pays Christmas to Christmas

This blog post is going to be all about building 4 Corners Alliance Group and My Advertising Pays.  Both of these programs will put you in profit and keep you there right out the gate.  There are no monthly fees, auto-responders, or any other tools or software you need.

The 4 Corners Alliance business

One time $18 to get started qualifies you to earn forever.  I like this because I don’t have to worry about paying my next bill if I don’t sponsor anyone.  The products are financial education which gives you more power over your money the more educated you become about it!

Marketing 4 Corners Alliance Group

We all know in online marketing you need capture pages, automated sales videos, and an auto-responder.  We have that 100% with the Xtreme Lifestyles Network marketing system.  Yes 100% free with no one time start up fees, monthly fees, free trials, or any other of that mess.  You do not have an overhead with this business and marketing system. 

Traffic to fuel our 4 Corners Alliance Marketing Funnel

Our number one traffic source is My Advertising Pays.  We get traffic and get paid daily here (see income disclosure).  So if people join or don’t join your business you can still get paid to advertise your business with My Advertising Pays. 

So everything is in place here.  I’m personally making $350 per week from home and know will soon be above $1000 which is my chief aim.

It’s my goal to help others get to my same level.  If you are making less than $350 per week, then join me.  If you are making more, then congrats on your success and I wish you the best.

If you are interested in running with us, then click here!

We have the 4 Corners Alliance Group business and no monthly responsibilities.  We have the team culture and effort necessary to actually build this network out!

This is a 500K business and once you lock in your spot should concentrate your thoughts on getting your money.  Napoleon Hill talks about this concept in “Think and Grow Rich” and “Law of Success in 16 Lessons.”  Both of these books are a must read if you are in business for yourself. 

Everything is in place.  4 Corners Alliance is the business.  Xtreme Lifestyles Network is the marketing system.  My Advertising Pays is the traffic source.  Outside of that there isn’t too much you really have to do.

My Advertising Pays will be sustainable income on top of 4 Corners because of the 1200 credit pack maximum.  When you work your way up to 1200 credit packs you max out the compensation plan for the daily revenue share.  Again see income disclosure here.

With 4 Corners Alliance Group and My Advertising Pays I know next Christmas I’ll be getting my 500K out of the 4 Corners comp plan.  I would love for you to come along the journey, but if not that’s fine.

 4 Corners Alliance
It’s actually very easy.

Step 2 Get info on My Advertising Pays here and join.  Once you join get your first credit pack.

Step 3 Email me

Step 4 The only thing we are going to do is work our way up to 1200 credit packs.

Step 5 Write 1 blog post or shoot 1 video per day telling your story about our team!

Simple and this time next year will have the life of our dreams.  For me, that’s seeing my kids on my own terms!

For now there is work to do!

Rob Fraser
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