Wednesday, December 24, 2014

4 Corners Alliance Group and My Advertising Pays

In this short article, I’m going to talk about 4 Corners Alliance Group and My Advertising Pays.  Both of these programs has the ability to change your life especially when used together.

4 Corners Alliance Group and My Advertising Pays Combo

4 Corners Alliance Group is a financial education company and also gives members the chance to make money.  It’s only a one time $18 to get started.  This already sets you up for profit from day one.  You have no monthly overhead, auto-ship, membership dues, or anything that you have to pay out of pocket.

There is multiple product upgrades and a monthly newsletter however those will come from your profits.  The one time $18 is all you need.

4 Corners Alliance Group marketing system

To successfully market anything online you need a marketing system.  By marketing system I mean capture pages, automated sales videos, auto-responders, and most importantly an active mastermind and support group.

You get all that free with the Xtreme Lifestyles Network marketing system.  So again there are no monthly charges to have tools like this working for you.  So now you have the business and the marketing system working for you.

Where to get traffic for 4 Corners Alliance and Xtreme Lifestyles Network

That’s where My Advertising Pays comes in.  My Advertising Pays, or MAPS, is where we get our traffic.  We can buy credit packs for $49.99 and that gives us 550 targeted views to our 4 Corners website.  Also if we quality we can participate in the revenue share and get up to $60 for each credit pack purchased. 

There is no set time on when each credit pack will pay you back the full amount.  I currently have 33 active credit packs earning me approximately $16 ish per day.  Again there is no set daily earnings and see the income disclosure here. 
I am using the 75/25 method to cash out each week.  I use 75% of my revenue share earnings to buy more credit packs and the remaining 25% I put in my pocket.

So what you see is all of my marketing paid for and to date I am cashing out $30 per week.  If no one joins me in 4 Corners, then I’m still making that $30.  This amount is going to grow each week regardless.

I’m not paying for monthly auto-responders, marketing systems, or anything.  I’m not buying credit packs out of pocket.  Again everything is free and I’m 100% in profit and if you decide to join me, then I will help you do the same things for yourself!

The first place to get started is here where you will join 4 Corners Alliance and get the Xtreme Lifestyles Marketing system.  (will open in a new window)

Then watch the presentation on My Advertising Pays and then join.

Once you do that get your first credit pack for $49.99.  What I did is I got 2 credit packs for $100 (rounding up for ease) and then whenever I had $25 in my account bought a new credit pack with $25 of my own money.  I did this till I hit 30 credit packs and now I just withdraw every week and still get more credit packs.


Step 3 email me!

Thank you for reading my post on 4 Corners Alliance Group and My Advertising Pays

Rob Fraser

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