Tuesday, January 6, 2015

4 Corners Alliance Plus Ad Hit Profits Equals Your Profits

In this post, I’m going to revise and review my marketing plan for 4 Corners Alliance Group. 

To review

4 corners alliance is a one time $18 to get started.  I also am going to use the Xtreme Lifestyles Network marketing system to promote 4 corners online.  The XLN marketing system is 100% free.

Not having any monthly fees frees up more money for me to put into paid traffic.  Now this being said the two traffic sources that I use also share revenues.  Essentially, I’m 100% in profit mode whether people join me or not.

It’s my goal to have as many people join me as possible and teach them to do the same.

The two traffic sources I’m using are My Advertising Pays and Ad Hit Profits.

How this works is I’m using the revenues generated from My Advertising Pays (see income disclosure here) to buy traffic within MAPS and Ad Hit Profits.

This is very simple.

Step 1 is you join 4 corners alliance group and get the free marketing system by clicking here.

If you are already a member of 4 corners, then you can still get the free marketing system. 

Step 2 join My Advertising Pays and purchase your first credit pack.  You want to work up to around 20 active credit packs.  Having 20 active credit packs will have you collecting ten ish dollars per day in the revenue share (earnings are estimated and depend on global sales for MAPS, AGAIN see income disclosure here).

$10 per day allows you to purchase one credit pack per week for your MAPS traffic with your profits.  Each credit pack is $49.99.  Then you use the other $20 and register at Ad Hit Profits.

In Ad Hit Profits you want to get the Done For You traffic.  The price points range from 2,500 visitors for $5 all the way up to 500,000 for $600.

Join Ad Hit Profits 100% free here!

The idea is to use your profits from My Advertising Pays to buy this Done For You traffic at Ad Hit Profits every single week.

Again not having any monthly fees in 4 Corners Alliance Group or the marketing system allows you to setup a nice budget to put towards your traffic.

Once you have worked your way up to 20 active credit packs in My Advertising Pays, then you are no longer using your own money but are using your profits to continue to grow your business.

This is the smart way to build an extra income online!

Take the first step by clicking here and then send me an email!!

Rob Fraser
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