Wednesday, February 11, 2015

3 reasons 4 Corners and Daily Pay can help you

Yesterday I was happy to login to my 4 corners back office to see that people a couple levels under me were taking some action and signing people up!  It’s a good feeling to get paid from your online business. 

My three programs are 4 Corners Alliance, My Advertising Pays, and Traffic Monsoon.  4 corners alliance is the business and the other two (MAPS and TM) are where I get traffic.  The other two are also revenue sharing sites.

The good thing about my system is I get paid daily to market my business.  Even if people don’t join me, I still get the revenue share.  (see income disclaimer here)

I’m not typing this to brag because I have a lot of child support arrearage to pay off and that’s where 70% of the money I make online goes towards.  The rest goes toward living expenses and I buy a lot of silver.

Here are some Monsoon Earnings (see income disclaimer here)

Below are three reasons why I recommend 4 corners and daily pay

Monthly Overhead

There is no monthly overhead.  4 Corners is a one time $18 to get started with no other fees ever.  The rest of the financial products are bought with profits and you can earn commissions from $4 up to $160 and yes it’s instant pay.

The marketing system that I’m using is the Xtreme Lifestyles System.  It is 100% free with no one time setup fees, monthly fees, or anything.  You join 4 corners and plug your info in the XLN system and you are set.

It is a free system so it does have a few drawbacks such as can only send one broadcast per day, can’t edit the auto responses, etc however if you are struggling then this system is the way to go.

The other system I use is the Power Lead System but that’s a bit more advanced and does have a $54 monthly over head.  I recommend building up your daily revenue share and then use those profits to join PLS.

Regardless once your revenue share is up, then PLS is covered each month as well.  It only takes withdrawing $15 per week to cover the $54 monthly (60-54=6 in profit technically but you get the idea).

Here are some My Advertising Pays earning and withdraws

Revenue sharing

Two revenue sharing sites I use are My Advertising Pays and Traffic Monsoon.  Both are very similar and provide great buyer traffic to my 4 corners business.  Not to mention with the revenue share I use the 85/15 strategy.  That means I use 85% of my profits to buy more advertising and the remaining 15% I withdraw.

To date I’m withdrawing $25 per week so I’m earning $100 per month just off the revenue share.  This doesn’t include the commissions I make within 4 Corners and Power Lead System.  

That with no recruiting, sponsoring, selling.. or anything.  All I do is surf my ads everyday to stay qualified to earn in the days revenue share and ensure that all my traffic is going to my 4 corners site.

Simple Marketing Plan

Here is my simple marketing plan.  I used to over complicate things but have learned that simple is best.  Here is what I do on a daily basis.

Write a blog post (here and done)

Shoot a Youtube video (later on today)

Surf my ads (on MAPS and TM already done for today)

Send a daily email to my list (will be later on and in fact will send them this very same blog post)

Lastly I use Hootsuite to share my videos and blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In. 

Hootsuite allows me to program my content (videos, blogs) to go out whenever I deem fit.  Most of the time I share stuff every hour or I use the “auto schedule” feature which supposedly calculates when the most people are online and it sends out my “tweet” or post then.

I share my videos and blog posts.  I used to send out my direct capture page link but have found that when you share content with your link in it, then people usually warm up to me more (just like you lol) from reading my words or listening to my video and they opt in.

They are also more inclined to give me a call!

So that’s about it for now.  If you are interested in my 4 corners and daily pay then it’s a simple 3 step system.

Step 1 Join 4 Corners and get the Free Marketing system HERE

Step 2 Join My Advertising Pays HERE

Step 3 Join Traffic Monsoon HERE

Step 4 (yes last one) send me an email!

Talk Soon!

Rob Fraser

4 Corners Alliance Group and 4 Streams of Income