Tuesday, January 20, 2015

4 Corners Alliance Group and 4 Streams of Income

In this short post, I’m going to talk about how we are successfully marketing 4 Corners Alliance Group and how we are creating 4 streams of income all in one easy system.

Now keep in mind that when most people talk about multiple streams of income, they are usually talking about programs that aren’t really related or connected in any way.  When I say multiple streams of income, I mean multiple programs that work together and can all be promoted with one link.

So what do I mean by that?  What do I mean about 4 streams of income?

Well 4 Corners Alliance Group is the business opportunity.  4 Corners is our trip wire.  4 Corners is how we create our buyers list!  We lead with 4 Corners.  Check out a Four CornersAlliance Group Review.

How do we tell others about the 4 Corners opportunity? 

We use the Power Lead System to tell that story.  The Power Lead System is also our second income stream.  The Power Lead System, or PLS, allows us to use the exact same marketing capture pages, sales videos, and email follow up series as Frank Calabro. 

Why do we want to use his same marketing funnel you ask?  Because he is the number 2 man in 4 Corners with over 600+ personal sign ups!  I’m sure you would want to use what is proven to work rather than anything else, right?  RIGHT!

So now we have the business and the marketing system.  The best marketing system in the world isn’t going to work unless we get traffic to it!  That’s where our last two income streams come in.

I use My Advertising Pays and Traffic Monsoon.  Both of these sites are revenue sharing sites where you can buy advertising and share in the daily revenue of the companies sales. 

For example, I have 36 active credit packs in My Advertising Pays.  This usually earns me around $18 per day.  I buy one credit pack in My Advertising Pays for $49.99 and then withdraw $50 to buy an ad sharing pack in Traffic Monsoon. 

Each credit pack in My Advertising Pays will payback $60 and each ad sharing pack in Traffic Monsoon will payback $55.  I currently have 36 active credit packs in MAPS and just bought my first ad sharing pack in Traffic Monsoon today!

I’m going to document my results here on a daily basis and keep telling my story.  I have sponsored about 9 people so far in 4 corners and 21 people into My Advertising Pays.

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Rob Fraser