Friday, March 6, 2015

4 Corners and 4 Streams can help you pay that phone bill

What do I mean by that title?  4 Corners and 4 Streams can help you pay that phone bill and I say that because I needed to pay my phone bill today as I miscalculated when the payment would be coming out.  

So I woke up today and tried to send a text message and it wouldn’t go through.  I tried to make a phone call and again it wouldn’t go through.  I got the automated message that I needed to pay my phone bill.

So when I found that out, I promptly made withdrawals from my My Advertising Pays and my Traffic Monsoon accounts.  My Advertising Pays (MAPS) and Traffic Monsoon (Monsoon) are 2 of my 4 corners and 4 streams programs. 

What are 4 Corners and 4 Streams?

Well before I really get into what is 4 Corners and 4 Streams I want to preface this by alluding to the Garden of Eden.  The Garden of Eden had 4 rivers that were feeding it.  So I figure if I want to create my own paradise, then I should have 4 rivers feeding my own garden of paradise right here.

I couldn’t just have random programs but I needed 4 specific programs that work together and would help me make money.  These programs couldn’t be related or dependent on each other, but they have to make sense and work together perfectly.

I have to admit they do and I’m not the only one making money and getting daily signups. 

We have the business which is 4 corners alliance group which is its stand-alone business.  We have the marketing system which is the Power Lead System.  I love the Power Lead System because it’s not dependent on any other business.  

If 4 corners goes under for whatever reason, then it is a simple matter of changing where my links go.  I can continue to build my list without missing a beat and I’m in control.

Lastly we have MAPS and Monsoon which are cash back traffic sources with revenue sharing.  These 2 sites gets me traffic to my 4 corners link and daily profit share money so I still make money even if I don’t sign anyone up.

In the case of today, I needed to get a phone bill paid and wanted to make a point of using my profits.  I withdrew $50 from my MAPS account and $40 from my Traffic Monsoon account.  All the money went into my Solid Trust Pay account and I schedule a same day credit to my debit card.  Yes I had to pay a fee for same day service but I got my phone turned back on today.

I’m sure you can agree that’s powerful when you can literally command your money to come to you at will.  Try doing that with any other system or program out there!

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Rob Fraser

P.S. Yes we all get paid daily and to date I’m cashing out on average of $260 per week.  I’m earning around $50 per day and the rest goes back into building my weekly paychecks!
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