Sunday, April 12, 2015

My My Advertising Pays Progress and Complete Business Model Week 1

I haven't been creating these posts regularly and this is part of my commitment to keep a weekly journal of my journey with My Advertising Pays and to also educate other marketers and people looking to make money online.

In this post, I will cover my progress so far with My Advertising Pays and how I'm turning the traffic I get on the MAPS traffic exchange into cash. I will say results are not typical and you can see the income disclosure statement here.

The pic is basically where everything is at. I have 40 active credit packs, have withdrawn over $1,100 so far, and have 49 personal referrals into My Advertising Pays. I have a combined earnings of over $3,500 to date.

On MAPS, I promote 3 separate offers and to date have 134 personal sign ups in my various opportunities. I only promote a total of 4 offers in a complete system that I call “4 Corners and 4 Streams” to which MAPS is one of those offers.

So how this works is I promote My Advertising Pays pretty heavily and will “lead” with MAPS first. Meaning I will talk about MAPS on social media, blog, youtube, etc. I also alternate with Traffic Monsoon as the “leading” program. I do that because, I'm sure you will agree, that most people don't want to join another business. People want to make money and build their existing business.

I give other marketers the My Advertising Pays solution to their targeted traffic problem. That's how I got 49 referrals and counting. Now what I promote on the traffic exchange is a little bit different of a story.

On MAPS, I promote Four Corners Alliance Group, Power Lead System, and Traffic Monsoon.

On Traffic Monsoon, I promote Four Corners Alliance Group, Power Lead System, and My Advertising Pays.

So can you understand how I'm linking these programs together. Every credit pack I purchase gives me 550 clicks and I simply divide them evenly across my 3 offers.

I'm sure you want to know my results right? I will preface this by saying results aren't typical but obtainable to those who do the work!

In Four Corners, I have a daily growing downline of 85 people. Everyday I check my back office and have made commissions from my team.

In Power Lead System, I have $200 per month coming in.

In MAPS, I have 49 referrals and in Traffic Monsoon I have 65 referrals.

My goal in writing this is to show you that this “4 Corners and 4 Streams” system is working and if you participate in all 4 programs and link them together you will succeed if you do the work.

What's the work?
After you link the programs together and get our share codes to use within the Power Lead System, simple blog and shoot Youtube videos. All I do everyday is surf my ads, schedule an email and social media posts, make sure my traffic is pumping, and write a daily blog and/or video. Following this I am now averaging 1-5 sign ups 7 days per week.

It's my goal to help as many people duplicate what I'm doing. You can do the same.
It's a simple process.

Step 2 Get in Power Lead System
Use these sharing codes with PLS
186866-4cornersgeneric for 4 Corners
184826-viralcashprivate for Power Lead System
186866-mapsteam for MAPS
327828-TrafficMonsoonBusiness for Traffic Monsoon

Step 3 Get in My Advertising Pays

Step 4 Get in Traffic Monsoon

Once you complete these steps email me with your questions. Once you complete all those steps, the next thing to focus on is getting to where you can buy 1 credit pack per day on MAPS. I spent $650 of my own cash to get credit packs and now my credit packs make me more money every day. So to date I spent $650 and withdrawn $1100 and everyday my business is growing. See Income disclaimer.

There you have it folks!

Rob Fraser

P.S. No need to do anything else outside of what you just read on this blog post! I'm sure you can agree that is a very simple plan!