Thursday, November 19, 2015

From Growing Pains to Growing Pockets

I haven't updated this blog in a while, but I think it's about time to get back into blogging! I used to blog a lot for my online business ventures, but since I started using paid traffic have slowed down. I still upload daily Youtube videos and I guess that's technically called “vlogging” but as far as written content goes, have been slacking off.

I slacked off because with paid traffic, I've got exponentially more sign ups than anything else. Now, because I still have so much written and video content out in cyber-space, I still do get a lot of leads from my content.

So, enough of my belly aching.
The programs and tools that are currently working for me are (and they are in no particular order)

The below three programs are part of a system that I've put together called the Broke Man's Plan. Check out this playlist on youtube for more details. I've followed this Broke Man's Plan and this is what allowed me to go from earning $250 per week to now over $1000+ per day.

Four Corners Alliance Group – One time $18 in financial education that pays me $150 per week (as of the date of writing this). This is the business that allows us all to work together as one team in one matrix. The reason this is part of the Broke Man's Plan is because it's a one time $18 and you are forever qualified!

Lead Lightning– This is the stripped down marketing system that also has a one time payment of $7 to be able to earn $6 commissions over and over! The is the marketing system for the Broke Man's Plan.

Traffic Monsoon – this is the rev share advertising source that's highly recommended and responsible for my paying off over $25,000 in personal debt! This is free to join and no monthly of subscription fees makes this a part of the Broke Man's Plan.

Power Lead System – this is the marketing system and the stepped up version of Lead Lightning. PLS has share codes that allow you to duplicate proven sales funnels. You don't get this with Lead Lightning. To be able to get share codes and other features that are proven to work, you will need to be a gold member which will run you $30 per month or $54 if you want to be an affiliate (and you want to be one as I am and now earn $1800+ per week with PLS/LL income)

Traffic Authority – This is the business that I promote with this system. Traffic Authority also has it's own traffic plus a really nice comp plan that will easily allow you to use profits to scale your business up in the form of paid traffic.

Fast Capture Pages – allows you to create virtually 100's of different capture pages separating you from the rest of the market place. If everyone is promoting the same exact capture page, then how can you expect someone to join you or any other marketer? You have to zig while everyone is zagging!

Traffic Wave – Auto-responder that I highly recommend. Flat rate of $17.95 unlike most other auto-responders. I use Aweber but since my list have grown, they charge me more per month so am slowing migrating everything over to TW.

Now PLS does has it's own auto-responder but when you get over 3000 leads, you will want to get a third party auto-responder. PLS is good for the beginning as an auto-responder goes but once you get a list you will need more capacity. I still use PLS for the sales videos and personal weekly update videos (like this one) Traffic Wave is the most cost efficient. I use aweber and once I got around 19,000 leads, I now pay Aweber $150 per month. With Traffic Wave, no matter how big my list will get, the price will always be $17.95 plus it has a nice matrix affiliate comp plan.

The main funnel I send 100% of my traffic to is my system of Traffic Authority, Power Lead System (Lead Lightning), and Traffic Monsoon and to folks who opt in and are on that list, I share my Broke Man's Plan (which promotes 4 corners, lead lightning, and traffic monsoon) as an option. So in essence, one list and sales funnel promotes virtually everything.

So folks work the Broke Man's Plan until they can afford the main business.

Well this post ran long enough. Check back later for more updates or check out my system here!

Rob Fraser

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