Friday, November 27, 2015

Affording Traffic With My Paying Ads

The above pic was from a dayish ago from 11/27/15 and the below pic is from this morning..

So, if you will notice in the bottom pic that my share on ad pack plan 3 are growing but my shares on ad pack plan 1 are falling off.  What I have learned is that the max amount of shares on the levels is 200 but the max amount of shares on the 10th level is unlimited.

So, what does this all mean.. I mean what's the purpose (even if you don't understand it).

The purpose is the deeper reason why I participate in rev share opportunitites.  That reason is
to generate a daily budget to be able to buy outside traffic.  I participated in Traffic Monsoon so
I could generate a weekly budget so I could buy solo ads.  This is what took me from barely making
it, to now six figures.

My goal for my paying ads is to maintain 100 active shares on each level.  When you get 100
active shares on level 1, you can start buying shares on level 2, and etc.  If you don't have 100 shares
in the lower level, then you can't buy shares in the higher levels.  Once i progress to level 10, I will
be withdrawing steady cash to buy more traffic from places like Udimi solo ads and Traffic for me

This is also why I replaced Traffic Monsoon with My Paying Ads in the Broke Man's Plan ONLY.
I still highly recommend Traffic Monsoon, but I see My Paying Ads as a way to work up the funds
to buy those $50 ad packs in TM.

Also with the Free marketing sytem we have for My Paying Ads (plus the 4 corners add on),
it's a win win!  I've sponsored over 260 folks in 4 Corners and I have a passive income of $150
a week just from referrals under me in my 4 corners matrix.  Here it is Friday and I'm already at $140
and by Sunday (withdraw day) I know I'll have my $150.  See the pic below..

All you really have to do is CLICK HERE and get your free account and go through the free training area

Again the above is the Broke Man's Plan which features My Paying Ads, 4 corners, and the free marketing system.
You will need an auto-responder and for this system I would recommend Traffic Wave.

If you want to kick your earnings in high gear, then you need my FULL PLAN HERE!
My full plan features Traffic Authority, Power Lead System, and Traffic Monsoon.  The idea is to work the Broke Man's Plan until you can afford THE PLAN.

The Broke Man's Plan is like a bicycle and THE PLAN is like a brand new 2016 Ford Mustang!  Both will still get you to where you want to go!

Talk Soon!
Rob F.

^^ THIS IS MY PLAN... and is not the Broke Man's Plan as described in the email above.  Two systems all working to get you paid!

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