Friday, October 28, 2016

FutureNet on the Yellow Brick Road

I’m going to be talking about the Yellow Brick Road system for FutureNet.  Before I get into it, I want to clarity that the Yellow Brick Road system combines FutureAdPro, Power Lead System, and Exitus Elite.

FutureAdPro is a part of the bigger FutureNet platform, but I’m mainly going to focus on the Ad Pro side of things.

FutureAdPro is a place where we go to get paid traffic for our business.  The Yellow Brick Road system is something that you can promote on FutureAdPro.  In the Yellow Brick Road, or YBR, system there are going to be very specific capture pages to promote on the FutureAdPro traffic exchange.

The Power Lead System is what allows us to replicate and use the exact same marketing funnel that is proven to work.  I call it the Domino Effect.  When someone joins you in FutureAdPro, they will want to get the same setup you have.  This mean your new members will need your Power Lead System affiliate link.

The third piece is Exitus Elite.  This is a member to member direct pay program and once you go through all the information in Exitus Elite, you will learn how to promote any business online.  Ideally, you will want to use the information to promote the YBR system.

My recommended strategy

Everything starts and centers around FutureAdPro.  This is where you can buy ad packs and start promoting this whole system.  You can advertise the full YBR system on FutureAdPro because people who are already in FAP will opt in to your capture page and learn about the Power Lead System and Exitus Elite.

Each ad pack is $50 and can be purchased through a few different payment processors.  I highly recommend and use Payza and Coinbase (bitcoin).

You buy ad packs and then you “surf” 10 ads every 24 hours in the FutureAdPro traffic exchange.  Every 15 minutes, based on company sales and the number of active ad packs you have, you will receive rewards.  An ad pack is considered “active” until you have earned back $60 for every $50 ad pack that your purchased.


I suggest folks working their way up to 15-25 active ad packs.  This should be done at your own pace as a combination of your active ad packs and any money that you are using to grow your number of active ad packs will start working together.

Once you have around 15-25 active ad packs, then you should be able to purchase a new ad pack every 2-3 days from rewards alone.

The next goal would be to work your way up to 50-60 active ad packs.  Once you get to this level, you can then start to withdraw $50 per week from FutureAdPro and then use that money to pay for your monthly Power Lead System and buy $50 worth of traffic.

Continue buying traffic, surfing your ads, and buying ad packs until you have around 100 active ad packs.  At that level, then you can start to withdraw $100-150 per week.  $50 a week should still go to paid traffic and the rest should be set aside until you can buy the one-time upsells in Power Lead System and join Exitus Elite.

The one-time upsells in Power Lead System contain much needed information on marketing any business (that you should certainly apply to the YBR system) and those commission you get from these products will take your weekly income to the next level.  The same goes for the Exitus Elite product package and affiliate program.

The idea is to build up your ad packs in FutureAdPro and then use profits to get everything in Power Lead System and Exitus Elite.  After this point, then it’s simply a matter of using a percentage of your weekly profits to keep buying traffic.  As you use a portion of money for paid traffic, then you can know that you will always have a portion of money for yourself.

This whole step is the second phase of the Broke Man's Plan.  
The first phase is a great place to start if you are low on funds.  Also check out Perpetual Traffic and Assets.

Til next time!

Rob Fraser