Sunday, October 30, 2016

Paid Traffic Using FutureAdPro and my Perpetual Traffic Plan

I’m going to talk about getting paid traffic using FutureAdPro and how that will also give you a perpetual traffic plan.  Following this plan, I’m going to lay out in this post, will help you promote any business you are in.  I’m currently using the plan to promote this system here.

First off, FutureAdPro has very affordable traffic packages starting from $10.  There are two types of ad packages (or ad packs) you can get.  One for $10 and one for $50.  The $10 and $50 will get you a certain amount of views on your website on the traffic exchange respectively.  The $50 will obviously get you more views.  You can check out more info on FutureAdPro here to get the specific details.

When you buy ad packs, this is one place to get paid traffic.  To earn daily rewards (profits), you will have to surf 10 ads every 24 hours in the FutureAdPro traffic exchange.  Based on the amount of ad packs you have plus daily company sales, you will earn profits every 15 minutes. 

Each ad pack will pay you back, over time, up to 120%.  Once you buy an ad pack, it is considered “active” until you earn back 120% on it.  Once you earn the 120% (for each $10 pack, you will earn $12.. and for each $50 ad pack, you will earn $60), that ad pack is no longer considered “active.”  Understand that no earnings are guaranteed and are based on daily company sales.

The limit of active $10 packs you can have is 100 and the limit of active $50 packs is 1000.  There is a Status Position requirement based on the amount of ad packs at each level you own, but until you start getting a higher number of ad packs, this isn’t required just yet.

Perpetual Traffic Plan

Since you earn a daily amount of profits based on the amount of ad packs you have; the idea is to get a certain amount of ad packs to be able to systematically withdraw money on a weekly basis, and use that money to buy traffic from places such as Traffic For Me, or Traffic Authority.

Some initial goals are to get 50 $100 ad packs and then work your way up to 25 – 35 active $50 ad packs.  The combination of daily rewards (for surfing 10 ads a day and having active ad packs) and whatever your initial budget will help you accomplish these goals.
Once you get to that goal, then you will withdraw around $50 per week and use that to buy traffic from Udimi Solo Ads and promote the FutureAdPro Marketing System (Yellow Brick Road) that we are all using.

This strategy will get you referrals and more commissions.  The more referrals and commissions you have, the more ad packs and traffic you will be able to buy.  Then just keep repeating.  I’ve done this same strategy to eliminate over $102,xxx in debt in under 9 months and still maintain a six-figure a year income (results are never typical).

Using this strategy gives you a steady and predictable flow of income that you can then use for building your email list using the perpetual traffic plan.  We are leveraging the FutureAdPro business model to create an ad budget.  The bigger our email list gets is the more folks you can then promote any other business to.

Until next time!

Rob Fraser