Sunday, April 16, 2017

Complete Freedom Day 1 – My Paying Ads and FutureNet

Rob Fraser here…

This blog is going to cover virtually everything about my Broke Man Plan.  I say broke man, but it’s a generic term so if you are a broke woman, then you certainly can follow this same plan.  I’ve renamed it the Complete Freedom plan and I’ll use both names interchangeably.

Why should you follow this plan?

The Broke Man Plan is what has allowed me to pay off over $100,000 in debt in under 9 months (Documented and Confirmed) and still maintain a six-figure annual income.  I started this plan around January of 2014 and have been consistently earning and successful with the plan to date.

The below pic is just some of the debt I had to pay off.  This was my past due child support.  Embarrassing, but it's what I've been able to do.

past due child support

So, the purpose of this series is to document the exact steps on using My Paying Ads and FutureNet/FutureAdPro to being able to join top tier programs such as Digital Altitude (which has allowed me my first $13,000+ and $21,000+ weeks).

This is a progressive plan that starts with free or very cheap upfront programs.  The idea is to work those free and cheap programs to you get to a point where you are making a few bucks per day.  Then it’s a matter of upgrading businesses and following the plan, till you are all in. 

Phase 1 is the $0 – 350 per day plan

Phase 2 is the $350 – 1000 per day plan

Phase 3 is the $1000 – 3000 per day plan

I have a few additional add on programs but these are part of an overall wealth creation and personal development strategy.  This isn’t about just making money, but a whole life change that will allow you more and complete freedom in your life.  I also have a “Complete Freedom” Facebook group where I provide weekly training, ongoing guidance, answer questions, and more regarding this plan here.

Also, average people can get these types of results IF they follow the plan long and consistently enough, stay close to me and the Facebook group, avoid the “shiny ball syndrome,” and execute the plan daily.  A lot of folks get this wrong and don’t succeed!

It’s my intent to make this process super simple and the end result is going to be 9 streams of income all working together.  You will learn how to build your email list, use profits from internet marketing to learn day trading, and how to get “free” gold and silver on weekly basis. 

The first steps are to simply create a free account with MyPaying Ads and FutureNet.  The main idea is to cross promote the two sites by advertising FutureNet on My Paying Ads and vice versa.  Today, just create your free accounts on both sites and come back here for more details on working Phase 1of My Paying Ads and FutureNet.

Click Here to see the plan (if you haven’t already opted into my system)

Until next time!

Rob Fraser
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