Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Working Phase 1 of My Paying Ads and FutureNet

Rob Fraser here…

By now, you should already have a free My Paying Ads and FutureNet account respectively.  This 1st phase is going to revolve around promoting FutureNet on My Paying Ads and promotingMy Paying Ads on FutureNet and FutureAdPro.  In this post, I’m going to be covering some basic information regarding the promotion of FutureNet on My Paying Ads and some general MPA info.

First, understand the Broke Man Plan was started by me because I was broke.  I couldn’t afford monthly fees and high initial costs for starting an online business.  I had to start with very basic programs, work on generating daily profits, and then using those profits to scale up by increasing my ability to earn more income. 

If you have a $5 product to sell and you make $1 commissions after it’s all said and done, then that’s a place to start.  If you have a $20,000 product and can make $13,000 commissions, then that’s a good place to end up.  This plan will cover the span of those 2 hypothetical examples by giving a step by step progression.

If you have any questions, then please leave a comment below.

My Paying Ads is a traffic exchange.  My Paying Ads, MPA, has a number of advertising products with one of the core products being ad packs.  Ad packs start from $5 and this makes this one of the easiest places to start getting paid traffic to your website.  In the case of the Broke Man Plan, this traffic is going to be promoting FutureNet and FutureAdPro.

My Paying Ads does offer revenue sharing based on future company sales.  On each ad pack purchased, you will earn back up to 120% on each ad pack purchased.  So, for every $50 ad pack purchased you will earn $60 (again this is based on company sales and is not a guarantee).  The same rule applies to the $5, $10, and $25 ad packs. 

You can have a max of 100 $5, $10, and $25 active ad packs.  An ad pack is active as long as it hasn’t paid you back 120%.  After the ad pack has earned 120%, it is considered expired and will no longer earn money.  With the $50 ad packs, you can have a total of up to 2200 active ad packs.

Below is a screenshot of the My Paying Ads back office on ad packs.

Below is another pic on where you can go to get more information on the My Paying Ads traffic exchange.

The idea is to get to a place where you are earning roughly $50 per day based on your referrals and your number of active ad packs.  This is based on future sales of the company so understand that you will have to follow the plan to get referrals to increase your daily income!

What makes my plan and method different than most others out there in internet land?

I teach a very specific method for using the ad packs and daily earnings to buy more advertising on My Paying Ads as well as from other sources of traffic.  Check out the three videos below to get more detailed information about how this process works!

Click Here to see the plan (if you haven’t already opted into my system)

See the full Broke Man Plan WorldWide here

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