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Scaling Your Online Traffic and Income with the Viral Team Builder System

Rob Fraser here…

In my last post on promoting My PayingAds on FutureNet and FutureAdPro, I switched gears and included the Viral Team Builder.  Over the course of the next few blog posts, I’m going to give an intro to each revenue sharing program (My Paying Ads, My Paying Crypto Ads, The Ads Team, FutureAdPro) specifically. 

Today, I’m going to focus on scaling your online traffic and income with the Viral Team Builder System.  In other words, I’m going to give a rough outline for working each of these programs.
By this point, you should already have your FREE Viral Team Builder account setup and have gone through the Setup Guide.  You should have also checked out the VTB re-brandable blog and completed the first four steps within the system.

You are going to be presented with a number of programs within the VTB.  This can be a little overwhelming, but that’s the purpose of this blog post series is to break it down into chunks and present a clear plan for working this system.

The purpose of the VTB is to provide a free marketing system that can be used with any business and to provide a perpetual traffic plan all in the same place.  In the Viral Team Builder setup step 1, you will be presented with your sponsors (or if I’m your sponsor) primary businesses (in addition to the VTB programs). 

With my personal programs, I have a very strategic choice of programs.  Again, this may seem overwhelming but understand that this is a process.  I’d suggest checking out my personal programs and then to keep reading on to discover how to leverage the traffic exchange revenue sites for promoting the VTB and to generate money so you can upgrade and join me in my programs.

This will allow you to increase your weekly income.  Instead of selling a $5 product and getting $1 commissions, this will allow you to step up to selling higher ticket items so you can increase your bottom line.

When you refer people to the VTB, they will be exposed to your primary businesses when they are following this step as well.

Step 2 under the Setup Guide is where we will start to dig in.  The advertising businesses are traffic exchange revenue sharing sites.  The three programs are My Paying Ads, My Paying Crypto Ads, and The Ads Team.  Understand that you can create free accounts with all of them. 

I created accounts with all three but I’m only working My Paying Ads and The Ads Team at this point.  Later on, in step 4 you will learn about FutureNet which is another main focus.  When you create accounts in everything, know that when you sign others up into VTB you will get credit.

I’d also suggest setting up a Payza, Coinbase (bitcoin), and a Solid Trust Pay account.  These are merchant accounts (like Paypal) and work with most of the programs that I’m going to be blogging about.

Scaling Your Online Traffic and Income

This is exactly what I have done.  Start with My Paying Ads.  Start buying ad packs on a weekly basis (in MPA the ad packs start from $5).  Every ad pack will earn you more money (up to 120% per ad pack).  Every $5 ad pack will earn you $6 over time ($10/$12, $25/$30, and $50/$60).

I suggest setting a weekly budget, buying ad packs (and surfing your ads on a daily basis) and you will learn how the program works a bit better.  The idea is to work your way up till you are earning around $25 per day.  Once you are earning $25 per day, then you will start withdrawing $50 per week. 

That $50 per week will be used to “fund” the second program (if you started with My Paying Ads, then start working The Ads Team).  This same process and concept will be worked through the rest of my system and is what I did.

I used My Paying Ads to build The Ads Team and FutureNet.  I then used FutureNet money to join my Instant Cash Strategy and eventually Digital Altitude.  I use My Paying Ads money to also buy gold and silver every week as well as top tier traffic to promote this whole system.

So, I started real small and then used my Broke Man Plan to join better programs and have increased my weekly earnings from $250 to now averaging over $4,000+ per week.  My highest week was $21,000 to date. 

Income disclaimer, this takes work and following a plan.  The average person will not follow this plan long enough.  The above average person who does follow this plan and stays close to me will eventually find success. 

My question is, are you average?

Book mark this blog and stay close to me as there is much more to come!

Create your FREE Viral Team Builder account here (if you don’t have an account yet)

My next post I’ll cover some getting started details with The Ads Team.

Rob Fraser
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