Wednesday, June 14, 2017

My Paying Ads to the Complete Freedom Plan

Rob Fraser here…

In my last post on scaling your online traffic and income with the Viral Team Builder System and in today’s post I was going to cover My Paying Ads.  Most recently, My Paying Ads has defaulted and has stopped paying out due to mismanagement of the profits coming in.  I’ve spent the past few days restructuring my plan and am going to start talking about my Complete Freedom plan.

It’s this very reason that I have multiple plans always running at the same time.  Companies stop paying out, get shut down, or decide to up and restructure the comp plan and when you are depending on this money to live, you don’t have time for the riff raff!

I talk to so many people who are tired of getting kicked in the groin right when their business gets a little bit of momentum going. 

So, the new adjustment is FutureNet (FutureAdPro) and Lead Lightning.  This is the first phase of the new plan.  In addition, I’m going to include Payza and Coinbase (both free merchant accounts), and Udimi Solo Ads with MLM Leads (both traffic sources). 

The thinking behind this plan and why It has worked so well for me is because I’m not playing the “my biz op is better than your biz op” game.  I’m simply sharing what I’m doing to create perpetual traffic and targeting other marketers in other biz ops.  Marketers are always on the look-out for more leads, sales, traffic, and marketing ideas. 

So, where I start most people off is with Lead Lightning and FutureAdPro.  The idea is to promote Lead Lightning on FutureAdPro and work on building your active ad packs up in FAP.  This Youtube playlist here covers the three phases.

The idea is to progress through those three phases I’ve outlined in that playlist above.  The goal of the first phase is to get to where you are earning $30 a day in FutureAdPro.  You let that $30 a day accumulate for 2 days and then withdraw $60 per week.  This will be done for the length of FutureNet. 

That $60 will get you weekly traffic campaigns from MLM Leads, Traffic 4 Me, Udimi Solo Ads, and Solochecker.  Using that $60 for perpetual traffic is a big part of how I was able to pay off over $100,000 in debt in under 9 months.

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My next post I’m going to be covering the connection between Complete Freedom and the Bitcoin Blitz.

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