Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Where to get traffic for your 4 Corners Alliance Group Co op

In this short post, I’m going to talk about a 4 Corners Alliance Group Co op and why you should have one in place if you plan on marketing this business online. 

First off, to really start getting momentum going in 4 Corners Alliance Group you really have to sponsor a good amount of people.  Now if you are marketing this program online, it’s good to have a 4 Corners Alliance Group marketing system.  The second thing needed is a cost effective way of getting leads on a daily basis.

In this post, I’m going to explain why you should listen to me, the marketing system we use, where we get our traffic from, and how it all ties in together.

When looking for ways to make money online, it’s important to listen to people who are currently making money online. 

There is a guy named Frank Calabro who is currently the number 2 earner in Four Corners Alliance Group.  He created a marketing funnel that allows us to duplicate his capture pages, sales videos, and auto responder follow up series.  It’s essentially a plug and play system.  Just needs you to get activated and duplicating.

The system does the presenting, selling, telling, and follow up.  All you need is traffic.

We have that covered as well.  Using the same marketing system you can see our traffic source here.  It could be used as a separate business in it’s own right.  I switch from marketing our traffic source to other marketers to marketing my business.

Hopefully this makes sense so far, and if not, I will just write more posts and try to explain more clearly.

The capture pages and sales videos we use for our 4 Corners Alliance Group team build are all created with the Power Lead System.  Using the Power Lead System, Frank has also created a marketing funnel for My Advertising Pays, or MAPS, which is our co op.  My Advertising Pays is a place where you can go buy targeted traffic. 

The people who are surfing ads on My Advertising Pays are buyers, people who have spent money, and people who have spent money in the past on their business will spend more money in the future.  They are more inclined to join a business or buy a tool. 

How My Advertising Pays works is you buy a credit pack for $49.99 or $50 lets say.  Each $50 credit pack will give you 550 unique visitors to your website, capture page, or blog of your choice.  For each credit pack you purchase you will also have the ability to earn $60 back through the revenue share portion of My Advertising Pays,

Think of this as a massive team build and co op.  Each credit pack working for you is delivering real visitors and interested people to your website.  Teach your team to do the exact same thing and your marketing dollars are multiplied exponentially. 

It’s just as simple as that and if you want to make money in 4 Corners Alliance Group then the co op method is the best thing to do.  With 4 Corners not having any monthly fees, that frees up more money to go into your 4 Corners Alliance Group Co op.

Get more info on My Advertising Pays here!

Get info on 4 Corners Alliance Group here!

Rob Fraser
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