Monday, November 10, 2014

A Better System to market Four Corners Alliance Group Online

Earlier I wrote a blog post on what 4 Corners Alliance Group Online Marketing System to use and today I found something that’s, in my opinion, a lot better and only 1/5 of the price.  The other system I was using is a great system and can be used with multiple business opportunities however I found an equally as effective solution that only works with Four Corners Alliance Group.

The other system I’m talking about is the Power Lead System which can be used for any business opportunity that you may be in.  This new system I’m referring to only works with Four Corners Alliance Group.  That being said I would still recommend the Power Lead System if you are in any other business, but if you are in Four Corners Alliance Group and am not looking for any other business then read on to find out how this new system can help your business.

Now most of these marketing systems are pretty standard and generic.  They have capture pages, sales videos, and an email follow up sequence.  Most of the time you can’t customize the capture pages, sales videos, and email follow up sequence.  With this the system that I’m talking about you do have that option.

Usually you can’t change out the auto-responses or capture pages but everything is 100% customizable and it really helps with getting leads and converting them to sales.  The main idea this marketing system is to simply get more people to check out your Four Corners Alliance Group business presentation.

The things that I’m real excited about are the customizable capture pages.  This sets your business apart from every other marketer out there. 

How this works is people online find your capture page and they want to check out your presentation.  They put their information in your online marketing system.  You will immediately get an email letting you know that someone is looking at your business presentation online in real time. 

Your prospect will have a chance to join you right away.  If they make the decision to not join, then a series of emails will go out on your behalf reminding them and directing them back to your system and website link.
This is all done automatically to help you build your Four Corners Alliance Group business.  

To see one of the pages I created with this system (and to get one just like it) CLICK HERE!!
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