Saturday, October 25, 2014

Why I chose My Advertising Pays

I am writing this post to talk about why I chose My Advertising Pays.  This is coming from a guy who joined program similar to this and I will name names.  Just Been Paid, Zeek Rewards, Profit Clicking, and Ad Click Express.  I have had my fair share of programs similar to this.

Ad Hit Profits is another revenue share program.  Ad Hit Profits is actually registered with the Better Business Bureau, or BBB, and is still delivering traffic and has a revenue share portion.  A lot of people don’t like Ad Hit Profits simply because they treat this revenue share program as it’s own business.

Now I am still a fan of Ad Hit Profits and now also My Advertising Pays.  These programs are used to be paid traffic sources.  As with paid traffic there is no guaranteed return on your marketing dollars.  I like using these two programs because the revenue sharing portion actually does give you a return even if no one joins your business or buys any of your affiliate offers. 

I chose My Advertising Pays after being approached about it on Facebook.  I was already very skeptical and have had bad experiences with these types of programs.  I am always open to reviewing opportunities but that doesn’t mean that I will join them.  So I gave My Advertising Pays a look.

Below is my actual ad I'm running for Relationship Energy

The biggest thing that stood out was the 1200 credit pack cap in place.  This limits the amount of money coming into the program.  Each credit pack is $49.99, or will just round up and say $50.  Other programs never had a limit which was really eye opening.  This makes a lot of sense. 

Just going to speak real frank here…

Ponzi schemes don’t have a limit and is why they eventually crash.  The only money that’s paid out to old “investors” comes from new investors.  Once the flow of new investors slows, or stops, then the whole house of cards comes down.  

The cap of 1200 credit packs in conjunction with an internal mandatory ad fund allows the revenue share to continue even when the new money stops coming in.  My Advertising Pays sells advertising and should be used as a source of paid marketing, however the revenue sharing portion does provide a nice extra income.

The 1200 credit pack cap and the internal automatic ad fund sets My Advertising Pays up above the rest and if you are looking for a place to market your business, then consider checking out MAPS, as we call it for short.

It’s setup just like Ad Hit Profits, however is paying out a higher daily revenue share.  I started out with 2 ad packs and am now up to 10.  I am still going to take the slow and steady route.  I’m not going to use all of my profits to repurchase ad packs.  
My first goal is get to where I’m earning $100 per week approximately.  Right now I’m around $30 per week.  I sponsored 3 members however they aren’t participating in MAPS so my daily earnings are from my own purchases of credit packs and sharing in the revenue sharing portion of the program.

Once I get to $100 per week, I am going to utilize the 80/20 rule.  Use 80% of my revenue share money to repurchase and put the remaining 20% in my pocket.  I’m going to abide by this rule and eventually I will hit 1200 credit packs.  I’m going to blog about my results here every day as I feel that this is a legit place to market your business.

I, personally, am marketing my primary business on the traffic exchange there.  Also see  How I am using My Advertising Pays to marketing RE 247365, or Relationship Energy

To see how you can make money in My Advertising Pays or if you want to use MAPS to market your business CLICK HERE!

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