Saturday, November 15, 2014

On Using the Power Lead System for Four Corners Alliance Group

In this post, I’m going to discuss the benefits of using the Power Lead System to promote and market Four Corners Alliance Group.  I’m going to specifically talk about why you should be using the funnel created by our team. 

The current (as of the writing of this post) number 2 person in Four Corners Alliance Group is Frank Calabro with over 550 personal signups.  He created a Four Corners Alliance Group sales funnel and with the Power Lead System we are able to use his exact funnel for ourselves.

As you can probably agree that to be successful, you have to do what other successful people are doing.

So if you are looking to promote Four Corners Alliance Group, then I would highly suggest using the Power Lead System so you can use Frank’s funnel to get your own automated signups into your business. 

Why I like the Power Lead System to market Four Corners Alliance Group

I personally like using the Power Lead System because of the ability to customize your marketing.  You can probably agree that people join people they know, like, and trust.  People hardly join businesses unless they can relate to the person who is sharing that business. 

Also when starting out in Four Corners it can be a little slow until your team starts duplicating.  When you need money in your pockets now, the Power Lead System’s compensation plan can carry you through until those high Four Corners Alliance Group commissions start coming through. 

Again the Power Lead System allows you to duplicate Frank’s results as he has got over 400 personal signups using this same funnel.  I have learned that you have to do what other successful people are doing.  It’s like trying to reinvent the wheel instead of doing what works.

In the Marines (and I’m sure elsewhere) there is a saying “If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it!”  You can also apply that same adage to marketing Four Corners Alliance Group with our customized Power Lead System Funnel. 

So you have the business in Four Corners Alliance Group.  You also have our Power Lead System marketing system.  Now all you need is traffic.  We also have that covered with My Advertising Pays!

Our main source of traffic for our Four Corners Alliance Group co op is from My Advertising Pays.  I never understood the power of a co op until I had it actually explained to me.

Say you spend $100 per week in paid advertising.  That’s $100 working to build your business.  From that say you enroll one new business partner and you teach them to do the same.  That person then is also spending $100 a week to build their business.  Ultimately that means you now have $200 working to build your business because any success your business partner has, you have as well!

I’m sure you can see how this can exponentially grow as more people join your team!

Check out where it all starts for us in Four Corners Alliance Group here!

Rob Fraser