Saturday, December 6, 2014

Power Lead System Features

In this short post, I’m going to talk about some of the Power Lead System Features.  I’m going to cover how I found Power Lead System (PLS), why I joined, and how I market online using this platform.  During the course of discuss these three things, I will explain more about the Power Lead System Features that will your help you promote any business, product, or service online. 

How I found Power Lead System

I found the Power Lead System by surfing on the My Advertising Pays traffic exchange.  The capture page was extremely targeted to me especially where I found it.  This is one of the best features of PLS.

The targeted capture page spoke to me where I found it.  The video spoke about getting more MAPS signups and having the same exact sales and marketing funnel that the number 5 guy in MAPS has.  In my mind, it was a no-brainer and as such joined Power Lead System.

Why I joined Power Lead System

I joined the Power Lead System because I wanted to sponsor more people into MAPS and have the same system that is proven to work. 

I listened to an inner circle audio a while back and a guy was talking about how he starting getting higher opt ins, conversions, and email opens because he personalized everything.  He simply put a quick video on his capture page and thank you page.  On his thank you page, instead of showing the business or product presentation he directs his leads to open their email.

He does this so his leads get accustomed and used to looking for his emails.  This one tactic has exploded his email open rates.

So in like fashion, I joined the Power Lead System and it’s very easy to include your personality in your marketing with this system. 

Marketing Power Lead System Online

I suppose the best way to market the Power Lead System is to talk about the benefits (as I’m doing in this post) and share it with your new team members.  I didn’t understand it at first until I saw how to setup my own sales funnels for a couple of opportunities I’m promoting online. 

Again, I never understood what all the Power Lead System had to offer nor why I needed it until I wanted to get more signups into one of my businesses.  So in keeping with how I found it, would recommend that this is also the best way to market it. 

See my personalized Power Lead System capture page here for the MAPS traffic exchange!

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