Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Making Now Money in My Advertising Pays

In this short article, I’m going to talk about making now money in My Advertising Pays.  What I mean by that is simply getting money in your pocket as soon as humanly possible.  If you are reading this then you already have a basic understanding of My Advertising Pays and what it does.  If you don’t, then check out My Advertising Pays Review.

So I’m going to preface this with my own experience with these types of programs, what I’m doing with My Advertising Pays, and how I’m positioning myself to take the maximum advantage of MAPS.

I been in these programs before to the tune of Zeek Rewards, Profit Clicking, Just Been Paid.  I have seen programs similar go under such as Profitable Sunrise, Telex Free, and Click Paid.  So I’m no stranger to this sort of program.

However I saw a few differences with My Advertising Pays that really changed my mind about this one.  I also still participate in Ad Hit Profits which is similar and has been around for the long haul.  Between the two, My Advertising Pays has a higher daily revenue share and better measures in place to continue paying out daily regardless of new people joining the program or not.

The program doesn’t rely on new people joining and has a mandatory internal ad fund which also prevents heavy spenders coming in, buying a bunch of credit packs, and then cashing out trying to leave the company broke.  The mandatory ad fund and the 1200 credit pack limit prevents all this from happening. 

Members max out at 1200 and are forced to withdraw their earnings daily.  Also 5% of members existing funds go into an internal ad fund which also keeps daily revenue sharing at a certain level and keeps members involved with the program.

With all these measures, it only makes sense to join and start your journey to getting 1200 credit packs.

So I started at 2 credit packs for $100 and now am earning around $10 per day.  I simply bought one credit pack each week with my own money and now I simply use my profits to repurchase credit packs and I withdraw $20 per week.  I have 17 active credit packs and earn $10 per day.  I buy one credit pack each week for $50 and withdraw $20.  This is my 70/30 plan.

This plan puts money in my bank account now from My Advertising Pays.  Keeping the 70/30 schedule I will eventually get to 1200 credit packs.

I also use the traffic within My Advertising Pays to market my primary business.  My primary business is based in the U.S. and I need targeted USA only traffic and with My Advertising Pays I can get just that.

If you are in a home business or are considering My Advertising Pays as your business, then check it out by clicking here.

Rob Fraser

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