Wednesday, November 12, 2014

An Easy marketing solution for Four Corners Alliance Group

In this short post, I’m going to talk about an easy marketing solution for Four Corners Alliance Group.  I have wrote before about a better system to market Four Corners Alliance Group Online and I would still recommend that system because of the ability to really personalize your marketing. 

The system I’m going to be talking about today also allows you to customize your marketing but to a lesser extent.  The system is the Xtreme Lifestyles Network system.

Now before I go on, just understand that all marketing systems are essentially the same.  They all have capture pages, automated sales videos, and an email follow up sequence usually pre written.  The Xtreme Lifestyles Network  has everything.

You can customize your capture pages, sales videos, and email follow up sequence and it’s free.  There will be no monthly overhead, one-time setup fees, or anything else with the Xtreme Lifestyles Network.  This can be an option however if the guru's who created this system no longer maintains it, then it will become defunct.  This is why I will always recommend the Power Lead System as your 4 Corners marketing option.

I have been involved in a lot of company specific marketing systems like the Xtreme Lifestyles Network and they are good but when the leaders change their mind's, then the system is no longer duplicable.  The Power Lead System can be customized, work with any company, and is ever green.  If you decide to market another opportunity or change up some things, then the Power Lead System gives you that ability.  PLS essentially gives you more personal power over your marketing.

The Power Lead System is either a $30 or a $50 per month option however the PLS does come with an affiliate option whereas the Xtreme Lifestyles Network site doesn’t.

So if you are really strapped for cash and still want to market your Four Corners Alliance Group then I would get signed up with the Xtreme Lifestyles Network site. 

My experience with the Xtreme Lifestyles Network site

What I like

I like the ability to customize the capture pages with the prewritten copy and pictures.  This only takes about 2 minutes to set up each individual capture page.  I love how easy this is. 

I also love that you can edit the email autoresponders.  This is huge in not sounding robotic.  This allows you to add some personality and this is vital.  People join people, not businesses.

What I dislike

There isn’t a lot I flat out dislike but some of the options are pretty basic and don’t allow for as much flexibility.  The capture page creator can be difficult to adjust and sometimes is a pain in the butt!

In marketing, you want to personalize and customize as much as you can.  Again people join people and if you are sending people to a cold capture page then that turns them off in my experience.  If you send people to a cheap looking capture page, then I have found that also turns people off.

I personally prefer the Power Lead System.  Yes it comes with a heftier price tag but the affiliate option helps and it allows you to create professional looking capture pages very easily.  If you can’t go with that option, then the Xtreme Lifestyles Network option is more than sufficient to get you started.

The most important thing is to just take action.  Who cares if it isn’t perfect as long as you are taking daily action, then you are moving in the right direction.

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Rob Fraser 

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