Sunday, November 23, 2014

Importance of using the My Advertising Pays Income Disclosure

In this short post, I’m going to talk about the importance of using the My Advertising Pays Income Disclosure statement in your marketing especially when it comes to income claims.  First, I’m going to talk about two types of income claims and what they are.  Second I’m going to cover why and how you should always reference the Income Disclosure Statement.  Last, I’m going to reveal how using the My Advertising Pays Income Disclosure separates you from every other affiliate and brings a more professional feel to your marketing.

What are the two types of income claims?

The two types of income claims are explicit and implied.  Explicit income claims are “I made $4,000 last month,” “She earned $100 today,” and “My sponsor earned over $10,000 last month.”  These are specifically referencing numbers.

The second type is implied.  Implied income claims can be vague however phrases like “I was able to quit my job and live off my MAPS income” or “I paid off my car with my earnings from MAPS” and things that imply that your profits from MAPS allowed you or anyone else to accomplish tasks related to having money.

Why reference the income disclosure and are using income claims bad?

You can use the income claims as long as you reference the income disclosure statement in close proximity to your claim and in the same font.  Don’t put the income disclosure at the bottom, in the fine print, or in a different font.  You can make any income claim (as long as it is true) and include a link to the disclosure statement in close proximity and you should be safe.

When in doubt, reference the disclosure statement.  This will protect My Advertising Pays from any regulatory action and keep MAPS around for the long haul.  We need to ensure that all other affiliates are reference the form in all marketing that includes income claims to protect our income!

How using income disclosure separates you?

This separates you from the hype filled marketers out there.  Let’s face it.  Everyone is tired of exaggerated claims.  It’s those exaggerated claims that attract the S.E.C. and other regulatory agencies to scrutinize companies.  We can have the best program and income disclosure statement in the world, but if we don’t use it then it’s useless. 

Let’s protect My Advertising Pays and our incomes by using that statement!

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Rob Fraser