Friday, November 21, 2014

Ad Hit Profits

In this short post, I’m going to talk about Ad Hit Profits.  I’m going to talk about what originally attracted me to Ad Hit Profits, my experience with, and how you can use Ad Hit Profits to grow your business or sale your products or services. 

What attracted me to Ad Hit Profits

In the beginning, it was the revenue share portion that attracted me to Ad Hit Profits.  You purchase a listing for $45 and I believe you get about $60 back for every listing your purchase.  Each listing purchased also gives you 1,000 clicks on your website.  Ad Hit Profits gives you cash back on your advertising purchases.

This revenue share was real high in the beginning.  Ad Hit Profits had a few challenges and a lot of people left.  The problem is people join these programs and expect to bank off the revenue share.  The revenue share should be considered a bonus as the main product you are buying is advertising. 

Advertising which should be used to promote another business.  I, myself, am promoting Four Corners Alliance Group on Ad Hit Profits.  I still get a lot of traffic from Ad Hit Profits and will continue to recommend it to any serious business owner.

Ad Hit Profits is registered with the Better Business Bureau!

My experience has been great. 

I love the done for you traffic campaigns which makes buying traffic easy.  I was always nervous about buying traffic but these campaigns are very affordable.  They range from 2,500 clicks for $5 up to 500,000 clicks for $600 and everything in between.

I just set aside a budget and was at $5 per week or 2,500 clicks per week and am now graduated and prefer 25,000 clicks for $38.  This makes buying traffic very affordable.

How you can use Ad Hit Profits

Simply register and browse through the back office.  You will find numerous different options to market your business.  More exposure equals more money in your pockets in the long run. 

I got more traffic from Ad Hit Profits for $5 than all other sources to date.  I have got the most leads from Ad Hit Profits traffic than from any other source. 

I would highly recommend at the least the 10,000 click package for $16.  The name of the game is consistency.  I would commit to $16 per week and keep going until you can scale up to the larger packages from your profits.

This is a very simple thing to do.  I don’t have to worry about Facebook, SEO, or blogging (even though I love to blog, I don’t really care if I rank or not because I know my traffic is solid).

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