Monday, November 24, 2014

How to make money blogging with My Advertising Pays

In this short post, I’m going to talk about how to make money blogging with My Advertising Pays.  First, I’m going to talk about my experience blogging and sponsoring people.  Second, I’m going to cover a few SEO tips on getting your blog found in the search engines.  Lastly, I’m going to cover a few legal rules on blogging correctly and as to keep the wrong type of attention off of My Advertising Pays.

My blogging experience and sponsoring people

I was involved in a previous opportunity where I sponsored 65+ people into it all through blogging alone.  Back then, I didn’t have as much of an education on Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, and I wasn’t linking my posts up correctly. 

Blogging is a no stress way of exposing your My Advertising Pays business to people.  Just simply tell your story of success and share your blog on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and etc.  All I did was document my earnings, tell how many people I sponsored, and included income disclosure statements and over time I had 65 people sponsored in my business.

SEO tips on getting your blog found

The best thing I can tell you about SEO is to look at a site like or wikipedia.  Each article you look at is inner linked with another article on the same site.  I’m doing that and am on the 3rd page of Google (as of the writing of this) so far.  

An example is check out My Advertising Pays Review as you can see clicking on that link will take you to another post on this blog with related keywords.  The more of a web you create with your posts with original content the higher you will be ranked.

Don’t copy content.  When you copy content Google will only rank one of what is written and it will be the original piece.  Writing a new piece of content will be looked at more favorably and the more original content published on a regular basis, the higher you will rank.

I’ve got 7 page one rankings as of the writing of this and those tips more so than anything else got me there!

Legal rules and blogging correctly

Lastly, and I got in a little trouble for this, make sure you stay away from any investment terms!  Investment terms are but not limited to invest, compound, interest, and etc.  Using these terms will send off a red flag to the S.E.C. and they can shut down My Advertising Pays for selling unregistered securities.

When including income claims, you always want to reference the My Advertising Pays Income Disclosure statement (this is another example of inner linking content)

The biggest thing is to realize that this is a long term strategy.  The more consistent you are the better your results will be over time!

Thank you for reading my post on How to make money blogging with My Advertising Pays.

Rob Fraser
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