Wednesday, December 3, 2014

4 Corners Alliance is a cost effective way to grow your income

In this short post, I’m going to talk about how 4 Corners Alliance is a cost effective way to grow your income.  I’m going to cover the complete costs to start 4 Corners Alliance, costs of the marketing system, and then finally how to leverage My Advertising Pays to make your business 100% free.

So before I go on you should be familiar with both 4 Corners Alliance and My Advertising Pays.  Check out my Four Corners Alliance Group Review and My Advertising Pays Review to get familiar with both opportunities.

4 Corners Alliance costs

4 Corners Alliance Group is a one time $18 investment to get started.  Everything else from your products upgrades to your higher commissions will all come from your profits.  This is automatically built in and again it’s only $18 to get started.

4 Corners Alliance Group marketing system

I use two marketing systems however in this post I’m going to refer to the Power Lead System marketing system.  This system is $30 per month and gives you customizable capture pages, sales videos, and email follow up sequence.  If you don’t want to customize anything, then you can simply use the share code provided by Frank Calabro.

You want Frank Calabro’s share code because he is the #2 earner in 4 Corners Alliance Group.  If you want his same results, then you want to use his exact system.  I can tell you that it works because I have sponsored people online automatically using his same system myself!

You want a marketing system because you need something that sells and tells the 4 Corners Alliance story.  If you just send people to your company replicated signup page, then don’t expect to sign anyone up!  You have to show people what’s in it for them and the Power Lead System does a great job of piquing interest, selling the program, and automatically following up with your leads.

So this is a $30 per month business expense, which can also be a tax write-off (see your tax advisor as I’m not a certified tax guy). 

How can you get this system 100% free with My Advertising Pays?

It’s simple.  You join My Advertising Pays and work your way up to 10 credit packs.  If you aren’t familiar with My Advertising Pays, then click here.

Once you get 10 credit packs, you can start withdrawing money each week perpetually (see income disclosure).  I have 25 credit packs and I withdraw $20 each week.  This money more than covers my monthly overhead with Power Lead System.

You will have to purchase and repurchase credit packs until you get 20 credit packs on the books.

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Rob Fraser